Municipal Governments

Many municipalities and companies alike, need to offer their services in more than one language, and so, must properly manage their documentation in multiple languages.

With Itzulges, four types of needs can be met:

a) Managing and undertaking translations. This point is explained in the Company section: sending translations; undertaking translations; retrieving translated texts; offering staff the both TM and the dictionary, etc.

b) Providing support for a Language Plan. Itzulges is designed so that staff can create documents and undertake translations in their own regional language. With this application, everyone on staff will be enabled to proofread and translate texts, in addition to having the both the dictionary and the Translation Memory available to them.

In organisations with a language training plan in place, Itzulges is an effective tool to carry out follow-up of staff writing skills, as well as to offer them language assessment.

Thanks to the greater autonomy afforded by this application, staff will be able to offer improved services in their respective regional language.

c) Sharing files between municipal governments. As a variety of documents are shared by more than one municipality, instead of each one creating them in their own regional language, they can be shared by means of this application.

d) Offering language support to the general public, freelance and hospitality professionals… Many municipal governments offer translations of short texts in order to promote their own regional language. By making Itzulges available to the public, users will be able receive standard pre-translated texts such as “closed for holidays”, “summer hours”, “VAT included”, “price per unit”, “method of payment”, etc., and sentences which are not in the TM, once translated, are entered for future use.